Your Ultimate Travel Wardrobe

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In the olden days (you know those days that feel like centuries ago when you were childless), if you wanted to getaway for a few days, you’d grab a bag, throw in a few clothes, a tooth brush and you were pretty much good to go. These days, you have the added extra of a small human(s) to include in this getaway. And boy do they make it difficult to travel with. Nappies alone take up at least half the suitcase, and that’s check-in size, not even carry-on! Then there’s the pram, baby bag, bassinet, 5-times the amount of clothing you actually need, toys and what am I forgetting…oh, 20 packets of wipes and…this is going to take longer than I thought!

Well once you’ve finally got baby packed and organised – fingers crossed you haven’t forgotten anything essential – it’s now time for you. ‘Time for me?!’ I hear you ask, I know, I know, but mumma needs a bag too! And when time is limited (mum-life reality) one needs to be as efficient as possible. Our extensive collection has been designed by mummas, for mummas. We know how demanding and tiring being a mom can be, so when a holiday is finally on the cards, we want to help you celebrate it, while feeling amazing in our clothing. So here are our top picks for your next vay-cay with bay-bay.

  • The perfect, easy to wear, casual and super comfy dress: The striped a-line maternity and nursing dress.  This a-line beauty not only allows for easy nursing access, it is also suitable for a growing bump. The fabric is durable yet breathable, and so easy to just throw in the wash whenever you may need.

  • A beautiful, bright floral print is always a winner while on getaway, and this ‘Tropical Firework Maternity and Nursing top’ is one of our favourites! This off the shoulder top was made for nursing mothers in mind and is so on trend right now, let’s be honest. It’s a must!

  • If you need a little more privacy when nursing, I would suggest adding a couple of these Nursing Covers to your cart! You can wear this gorgeous scarf in a number of ways: simply tie at the neck as a scarf, or fasten the poppers and wear as a shawl to breastfeed baby in confidence! It’s also great for a sudden change in weather, or for those cooler evenings. You could even use it as a blanket for baby on a flight!

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  • With babies and children, there is always going to be mess and spills and 98% of time, they spill their food and drink on you. This doesn’t change while holidaying, which is why we highly recommend you pack our Water-Resistant Jeggings, available in over, or under-the-bump, whichever you prefer. Probably the comfiest jeans you’ll ever own, they are wonderful for relaxing in, thanks to their 4-way stretch. And the best bit is they will repel all those stains that will come your way. Dress them up or down, they will flatter your shape during and after pregnancy.

  • A nightie that provides both style and comfort, while also being suitable for pregnancy and nursing, does it even exist? Yes it does, because we designed it! Stretchy and comfortable, The butterfly bell sleeve maternity & nursing dress will be all you want to sleep in, and yes, you will get to sleep to enjoy it.

What is your go-to travel item when you’re traveling with baby?

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