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Top picks for hiding your pregnancy

“Come on girls, let’s get a drink!” – it’s a line you’ve really come to enjoy. A night out on the town with your besties, while sipping cocktails and sharing some laughs. These occasions are always so much fun! Except right now it’s just a little different. You have a secret. And you want to keep it a secret just a little while longer. Instead of excitement at the thought of what the night will bring, your first reaction is one of terror. How will you say ‘no’ without offending them? How will you decline, without them catching on?


We’ve all been in this position: secretly pregnant while masking a severe case of morning sickness and discovering new ways to disguise a small, but almost noticeable bump. So here are our top tips/excuses/lies/escape plans when moment like these occur:

  1. The ‘I’ve just started a new detox/diet/cleanse’ – everybody loves a new diet and fitness craze. And these days there are so many new ones popping up all over the place, no one can keep up – ideal for you pregnant lady! Mostly all of these fads will require zero alcohol, and adjustments to your eating habits, a nice little disguise for all the early changes you’re going through. For extra points, signing up to, or having some info available to ‘promote’ your diet to your friends will definitely help your cause.

  2. The ‘I have to drive home’ – this one is always a real winner! It’s simple, doesn’t require much of an explanation and will get you over the line every time. Not only can you use the driving card for avoiding a drink, but it means you can also leave early to ‘pick up your Husband’s Aunt’, and catch up on some extra sleep!

  3. The ‘we’re saving hard right now’ angle – another oldie, but a goodie! When you think realistically how much one night out on the town costs, missing a few nights here and there can really add a few extra dollars to your savings account – an excellent point to share with your fellow night owls. Savings don’t always have to mean something big like a car or a house. You could be saving for a new designer bag or weekend getaway. The more creative, the better!

  4. The ‘my drink looks alcoholic, but it’s not’ – a few times at a bar, I actually asked the bar-keep to make me something that looked alcoholic, but wasn’t and boy did that work a treat! A mix of juice infusions, sparkling water, ice and there was the world’s best looking cocktail! Although it tasted like rubbish and still cost the price of a real cocktail, it was very convincing.

  5. The ‘whoops, I spilt my drink…’ – this one you can really only pull out the one time, so make the most of it! You can play this two different ways: the slow spill, which is spilling your drink at intervals slowly. So that essentially instead of sipping your beverage, you’re spilling, which can go completely unnoticed. Your other spill ploy is the major whole drink spill. This can be used as an exit strategy too, if you’re extra crafty.

How did you hide your early pregnancy from those closest to you?

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