The Top Apps You Need For Pregnancy & Beyond

App-arantly nine months is a long time. When you’re pregnant, it feels like about a year and a half. Then once the baby arrives, you blink and the child is a few years old! Luckily to by-pass this time there are a long list of apps to assist you in some way. We’ve done the hard work for you and selected our top picks of app-solutely amazing apps you should download on your phone right now!


Deliveroo – Being pregnant all day certainly makes you hungry. And long before the cravings arrived, my husband insisted he’d be available 24/7 to provide me with any cuisine my pregnant-self craved. But whenever a wave of hunger arrived, he conveniently had to be at other places, like ‘work’. And there was no way I was going to waddle down the street to collect my own take away. Fortunately the only person I could rely on to bring me my cravings was my new best friend “Deliveroo”. Anything I wanted, at anytime, and it was even delivered with a smile. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, ready on demand.

The Bump – like to compare your bump to random pieces of food? Well have I got an app for you my friend! Week by week during your pregnancy you’ll be able to compare the size of that wee bump to edible objects you’ll find all over the house; from pineapple to chili and even a whole watermelon (yep, not a half one, a whole one!). Plus you’ll be equipped with some other useful tips to help through all those glorious symptoms that arrive during the 40 weeks.


Babyname – I don’t know about you, but I never got to use the dating app ‘Tinder’ to find another and I was always a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy with the lucky guy I’ve got and I don’t think Tinder would have been my place to find him, but gosh I would have loved to have a go at that swiping thing! Enter “Babyname”. Link up the app with your partner and you’ll be swiping right and left all night long. No, not for a date, or a random hook up, but swiping to find yourselves a baby name. Give it a swipe to the right for the ‘yes’ names and one to the left for a ‘no’. When there’s a name you have both swiped right for, it will come up as a ‘match’, which is such a massive thrill! Finally my tinder dreams were realized, minus the awkward small talk, but let’s be honest, a few free meals wouldn’t have gone astray.

The wonder weeks – “Surely they can’t just let us take this baby home with us, don’t we need a license or something?!” – my exact thought when the hospital shoved us out the door. No instructional how-to booklet. No midwife baby-carer. Not even a student ‘wannabe’ midwife. None of it! It was just me, the husband and this new bundle of cries, sent out into the world alone, without a clue. While there isn’t exactly an app to feed and wash the baby while mum takes a quick eight-hour snooze, there is an app to assist you along the way with helpful advice. “The Wonder Weeks” will have you looking out for new ‘leaps’ in your child’s development and ideas and activities you can use to expand on new skills as they develop. A must app for any new parent.

What app have you found useful for pregnancy and beyond?

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