My boobs will never be the same again

I remember when my boobies first ‘came in’. I was in my early teens and they just appeared all of a sudden, along with a horrendous batch of pimple face and bad-boy crushes. I ever so proudly paraded around in my size 32A/70A (AU 10A) bra and so very arrogantly took the modest size and perk-ability for granted. Boy I miss those days. So do my boobs.

Today they are post-child-birth-knockers and they’ve really seen much better days, let’s be honest. And it’s looking like by next week they’ll edge in on my hipbones, totally the type of boob any female dreams of…

The old ‘fun bags’ look like their best days and are so far behind them. They’ve stretched and shrunk so many times in the last year, it’s shocking to think they belong to a girl in her early 30s and not her late 80s! And although I feel like I could almost throw them over my shoulders, just to keep them in the same spot, it’s not a realistic approach to the situation.

A boob job is out of the question for me at this stage in my life, so I have found the best solution to be finding good, supportive bras. Not only post-birth, but before pregnancy and during too! Your boobies need a LOT of support, no matter what size they grow to be. The thing to remember though is that during pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding, your ‘girls’ will go through so many amazing changes and because of this, this isn’t a one-bra only solution. You’ll need to add a few to your wardrobe and of course we’re going to point you towards some of our (super comfy!) designs.

During pregnancy, even from the very first day, (yep, it can be that soon) your boobies will start to feel tender and sore and the last thing you want to be doing is throwing on is something with uncomfortable wire! Trust us when we say invest in a good quality, wire-free bra. Our top-pick is the Mayarya by Amoralia cupcake maternity and nursing bra. It’s wire-free, made from super soft cotton and it actually looks really nice, which is an excellent bonus!

Untitled design (5)

Post-birth those boobies of yours will be ready to retire, especially if you’ve been trying to establish breastfeeding. In the first few weeks post-birth, we highly recommend sleeping in a bra. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it will assist you in getting a comfortable nights sleep. Enter our Easyfit Sleep Maternity and Nursing Bra. Made from the finest and softest fabric of Micro Modal Air, it is so smooth and light against sensitive skin. Exactly what you’ll need!

If you’re nursing, you’re going to need a bra that is easy to pull down to feed, but also provides on going support for those tired and overworked boobies. Something like the No-wire lace push-up maternity & nursing bra (insert link in title) is ideal. The attractive lace design and stretchy fabric will grow with you too.

How are your boobies? Have you been kind to them lately?