The Top Apps You Need For Pregnancy & Beyond

App-arantly nine months is a long time. When you’re pregnant, it feels like about a year and a half. Then once the baby arrives, you blink and the child is a few years old! Luckily to by-pass this time there are a long list of apps to assist you in some way. We’ve done the hard work for you and selected our top picks of app-solutely amazing apps you should download on your phone right now!


Deliveroo – Being pregnant all day certainly makes you hungry. And long before the cravings arrived, my husband insisted he’d be available 24/7 to provide me with any cuisine my pregnant-self craved. But whenever a wave of hunger arrived, he conveniently had to be at other places, like ‘work’. And there was no way I was going to waddle down the street to collect my own take away. Fortunately the only person I could rely on to bring me my cravings was my new best friend “Deliveroo”. Anything I wanted, at anytime, and it was even delivered with a smile. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, ready on demand.

The Bump – like to compare your bump to random pieces of food? Well have I got an app for you my friend! Week by week during your pregnancy you’ll be able to compare the size of that wee bump to edible objects you’ll find all over the house; from pineapple to chili and even a whole watermelon (yep, not a half one, a whole one!). Plus you’ll be equipped with some other useful tips to help through all those glorious symptoms that arrive during the 40 weeks.


Babyname – I don’t know about you, but I never got to use the dating app ‘Tinder’ to find another and I was always a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy with the lucky guy I’ve got and I don’t think Tinder would have been my place to find him, but gosh I would have loved to have a go at that swiping thing! Enter “Babyname”. Link up the app with your partner and you’ll be swiping right and left all night long. No, not for a date, or a random hook up, but swiping to find yourselves a baby name. Give it a swipe to the right for the ‘yes’ names and one to the left for a ‘no’. When there’s a name you have both swiped right for, it will come up as a ‘match’, which is such a massive thrill! Finally my tinder dreams were realized, minus the awkward small talk, but let’s be honest, a few free meals wouldn’t have gone astray.

The wonder weeks – “Surely they can’t just let us take this baby home with us, don’t we need a license or something?!” – my exact thought when the hospital shoved us out the door. No instructional how-to booklet. No midwife baby-carer. Not even a student ‘wannabe’ midwife. None of it! It was just me, the husband and this new bundle of cries, sent out into the world alone, without a clue. While there isn’t exactly an app to feed and wash the baby while mum takes a quick eight-hour snooze, there is an app to assist you along the way with helpful advice. “The Wonder Weeks” will have you looking out for new ‘leaps’ in your child’s development and ideas and activities you can use to expand on new skills as they develop. A must app for any new parent.

What app have you found useful for pregnancy and beyond?


My Experience Struggling to Breastfeed

Written by: Penny from @meanmumsy – a Mayarya Woman.

During the long nine months of my pregnancy, there was one over-arching message that I was made well aware of. I heard it from close friends, I heard it from health experts and I heard it from the brands I trusted. These people continually spruiked, “breast is best.” In my tunneled pregnant world, I felt like I attracted the message, like it was posted on every billboard I came across. And I knew that was the only way I was going to feed my unborn child. Of course I would breastfeed my child and of course they would be fed my breast milk. That’s the whole point of the ‘fun bags’ anyway isn’t? I knew of a few girls who had gone through their pregnancy before me and they just gave their newborn a bottle. Are you serious?! That would certainly not be me. I instantly judged these ‘lazy’ new mums and thought they were in some way ‘selfish’, depriving their newborn of the most valuable nutrients only they could provide. I wouldn’t be ‘selfish’ like these women. I wouldn’t be ‘lazy’. I would exclusively breastfeed my child for at least 12 months, just like my mum, just like my friends did and every other mother before me. That was my plan and it was the only plan I had. Full stop. That was until my newborn arrived.

He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I was going to be the best possible mother I could be for this little boy. So naturally once the moment to feed him for the first time came around, I would be the best possible mother and give him all those nutrients he needed to thrive. Except it wasn’t that easy. It wasn’t like they advertised. This pain, this difficulty wasn’t what I read about in brochures at the doctor’s office. My breasts were letting me down. They produced small amounts of milk, nowhere near enough for a 9-pound plus baby boy. But the lactation consultants continued to tell me that my milk was ‘on its way’ and I hung on with so much hope.


And I tried and tried and tried some more. I sat in tears too many times than I care to remember, while I struggled to feed my boy. He would scream. He would bite. He would be frustrated. He was starving. I was struggling. The milk wouldn’t come. I would pump for hours and only produce 15mls. I was forced to give him the bottle and doing so felt like I was feeding him poison. I had very quickly become one of those ‘lazy’ mothers I had judged for so long. How could breastfeeding my baby be this hard? What about that lady I saw smiling at my local cafe that attached her baby to her chest with such ease? What about that girl I went to university with who breastfed her baby until she was 18 months old? What was wrong with me? Why wasn’t that my story?

This inner monologue played over and over in my mind for the first months of my baby’s life. I felt so alone. I felt like I not only let down my baby down, but that I let myself down. But I had to open my eyes and see my baby who took to the bottle better than a fish to water. He couldn’t get enough of the powdered stuff! He was thriving. He was super healthy. He was absolutely perfect! By the time he was 6 weeks old, I had ‘given up’ on breastfeeding. I was exhausted and I had to be true to myself. I had to treat myself better and this was the only thing I could do, as ashamed as I was at the time.


My son is almost a year old now, but there is still a small part of me that carries guilt because I couldn’t breastfeed. And to be perfectly honest, I shouldn’t feel like that at all. While I was struggling through the continual messages of ‘breast is best’, it was finally a social media post that changed my world for the better. “Fed is best,” it read simply. And no words could ever be truer. No words could have ever provided more comfort to me.

Breastfeeding, I agree is a very important source of food and nutrition for a newborn and if you are able to breastfed, I celebrate you, albeit with a hint of envy. But if breastfeeding just doesn’t happen for you, that is actually ok. It really is. At the end of the day, as long as your child is being fed and is thriving and healthy, that’s all that matters, not whether the original source is bottle or breast. Know that struggling to breast-feed is not a new-age thing. It’s actually happened to more mothers than you realise. Talk about it. Talk about it all. Talk to your partner, friends, doctors, other new mothers, anyone you trust. Talk and talk and talk. It’s so important. And know that these early days are only such a very small part of your wonderful life together.

IMG_8577 2

I’m pregnant, get out of my way! How to keep your cool during the longest 9 months of your life.

So you’re around 67 weeks pregnant, or so it feels that way. You never thought that growing a human could actually feel this horrendous and tiring. And if you have one more person tell you about your ‘glow’ (that’s really just relief you’re not currently throwing up), you will either kick them in the shins or sit on them; whichever requires less effort. Right now you feel like the only pregnant woman in the world and if people don’t start to move out of the way, you will, ummm, you’ll….you will decide on something later, as all this thinking is starting to hurt and gosh an ice cream would be great right now!

Which brings us straight to Pregnant Problem

PP #1 – The Cravings - Cravings can be weird and wonderful and hopefully in never-ending supply. I purchased myself a nice little ‘servant bell’ which I ring anytime a craving arrives. Someone (normally my husband) comes running, it’s his favourite part of the day, to cater for my every need quite literally. 2am ring-a-lings are a favourite. A slave like this is essential during these nine agonising months. They get a real kick out of it too (reminding them seven times a day that their part of the pregnancy was over in 60 seconds helps with this).


PP#2 – The Mood Swings - telling a pregnant waddler she’s having a mood swing is the worse thing one should ever do, if they value their own life. One moment you’re angry and frustrated about the fact you can no longer reach your toes to give those nails a good paint, (or at least get rid of the last of the polish that seems to survive a nuclear attack!) then the water works arrive because *someone just ate the last piece of chocolate in the entire house (*you). A quarter of a second later, you’re laughing uncontrollably at a video of a white cat diving into a pool of mud. Then you’re crying again because your toes are really too far away and you miss them.

PP#3 – The Bladder - Do you know how many times a day I have to pee?! I mean honestly, this giant child inside me thinks my poor bladder is some sort of trampoline! My work colleagues watch me parade back and forth from my desk to the toilet so many times a day that one of them told me I should just sit on the toilet with my laptop. A comment like that does not go down well at all and definitely reduces the chances of being invited to the baby shower.

PP#4 – The Morning Sickness - just reading those words makes me feel sick. Why aren’t there more photos of a tired pregnant lady heaving over a toilet on billboards, with the caption, “welcome to nine months of joy”?! It was some wickedly cruel human who put the word ‘morning’ in there. That’s a laugh. It’s more like, ‘mourning’ sickness. Mourning the life you once had, where you didn’t have to carry around a very large bump and an emergency ‘vom-bag’.

3 (1)

PP#5 – The Pregnancy Brain - Lost your keys and found them four hours later in the freezer? Ahh, we’ve all been there! Everyone will get a real kick out of your lapses in memory and the extremely unusual places they should expect to discover important items like keys. If you’re thinking it will all return back to normal, don’t be delusional, ‘Mum brain’ effects more new mothers than you think. All the best with that one.

What have been your most challenging symptoms of pregnancy?


Mother’s group: the first conversations you’ll have


Once you attain the title of Mother, it may feel like you’re the first in world going through all of these monumental changes. However, there are many women right now experiencing exactly what you are. So why not attempt to be friends with them, while attempting to keep your new ‘bundle of cries’ alive. And so became the start of the ‘Mother’s Group’. Here’s what you may just encounter when you first enter this new and exclusive club. The “My birth story is more horrendous than yours” conversation: Many people have a variety of views placed upon the importance of sharing the intimate and gory details of how the new human in your life entered this world. When this topic comes about, you’ll soon realise there are 3 types of people:


  1. The ‘over-sharer’ mother; by the time she’s finished talking, you’ll not only have an extremely thorough timeline of her entire labor and birth, but you’ll also know the same details of her sister’s, cousin’s and best friend’s birth. If only her lecture had been an acceptance speech at the Oscars; she’d have been cut off by the band once she reached the seven-minute mark.

  2. The ‘no one else has ever experienced birth like I did’ mother: she’ll hook you in and have you thinking that she were the first human ever to experience this incredible phenomenon of ‘birth’. Your eyes may well up, as she tells of the unbelievable pain she felt and how she….wait hang on, you just gave birth too! Next speaker please.

  3. And finally, the ‘leave it to the imagination’ We like this one best. She’s well aware that all of the females in the room have just given birth. Her lecture is a nice and manageable two and a half minutes and she even throws a joke in there about her husband putting on a gas mask to change a nappy. I’m adding her as a friend on Facebook.

The “what was the size of the baby you birthed” conversation:

The baby beauty pageant has already begun once this question is thrown around. To some, it may feel like a mini contest to determine which mother was the bravest, pushing out the largest human. That is, until the mother with the twins steps up. You thought one was brave enough at six pounds. She had two of those. But then there’ll always be that one mother, let’s call her the ‘tough mudder’ (oh, she’s competed in that 3 times too by the way and the last time she was 6 months pregnant). Yeah, I rolled my eyes too! Anyways, ‘tough mudder’ has stood up by now, as surely it’s her 8.9 pound baby that will take the title of the biggest. However she’s soon shut down by the mother (who you actually thought was a model that gave birth via surrogate) whom floors the lot with her 10.3 pound Buddha. At least you got that out of the way early.

The “Oh, you got that pram did you, I got a better one” conversation:

When you enter the room for your first meet and greet, you’ll instantly have the eyes of all the other mothers on you. Are they looking at your outfit, that may or may not have a few spots of spew?! No. Your amazingly adorable new baby, that’s possibly the cutest thing alive?! Nope. They are looking at only one thing; your pram. Pram envy is a sad reality that exists in parenthood. See previous post Pram envy is a real thing. How to select the best stroller for your baby and society”. Prepare yourself for judgment on your well-selected baby pusher, along with each mother giving you a ‘sales pitch’ on why their stroller is the better choice. Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones are a welcome purchase at this stage of the meet and greet. At the end of the day, if you were able to pick a pram you like and most of all, your baby likes, congrats. Enjoy it!

What are some of the conversations you’ve come across during your mother’s groups?

Women Female Feminism Lady Madam Friends Concept

Pram Envy is a Real Thing: How to Choose The Right Stroller for Your Baby and Society


Remember those “single days” when you’d go out to a bar on the prowl for the “one”?! You’d look around the room, spot a handsome someone, and your eyes would do that quick dash to see if they were wearing a wedding ring. The ‘my-eyes-are-so-quick-I-could-be-a-ninja’ eye dash, you thought was extremely subtle, but every person in the room just saw you do it. Well you’ll feel like you’re re-living those days in some way, when you spot another parent walking down the street, pushing a pram. A (ninja) quick eye dash to the brand name stamped across the stroller and wham, bam, thank you mam you are smack bang in pram envy territory. Ouch!

Pram envy is a real and dangerous thing in 2017 and somewhere along the line, you will experience it. There are a million different makes and models in the myriad of strollers to choose from, and if you don’t get the ‘Roles Royce’, are you subjecting your unborn child to some sort of neglect because you didn’t spend a house deposit on said pram?

Don’t panic, take a breath and follow our guide on what you should be spending your money on when you make your stroller purchase.



Your pram will need wheels. Well, duh! But, when we’re talking about wheels here, we mean ones that are smooth turning for a steady, stable, comfortable ride. Think of the old power steering in your car, you want stroller wheels that allow for quick and easy maneuverability, especially when pushing with only one hand while juggling a macchiato in the other.


The hood on the stroller is such an important feature. Does it move to at least two different positions to keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes? Will it cover them and keep the light out while they’re sleeping? A good hood on your stroller will mean you won’t have the need for extra wraps – making life much easier.

Folding and Unfolding

Don’t be that parent spending a good 15 minutes trying to fold and pack up your pram into the boot of your car. There are so many wiz-bang strollers that can fold up in seconds. Well, depending on whether your partner can read the instructions. Get one of those!


Reclining Seat

On those wonderful days when your baby wants to sleep in their pram (horary!) you’ll want one that will lie flat. Make sure your stroller’s seat will recline with ease and back again whenever you need. As we know, sleep can come and quickly go at anytime!

Rain Cover

Trust me, there will be many days you don’t think there’ll be a chance of rain when you go for a walk and then suddenly it pours! A rain cover is a must for your stroller and can easily be stored underneath, just in case. You may think pram envy is bad enough, but ‘rain-cover-pram-envy’ is next level. Most prams these days will come with the rain cover, but if yours doesn’t we highly recommend you get one.

Pram Bag/Organiser

Even if you already have a baby bag, a smaller organiser to sit on the handlebars of your stroller can be super-handy. Perfect for your wallet, phone and keys, along with some baby changing essentials and food, when your little one gets their hungry scream on. You’ll find so many uses for this accessory. There’s a few out there, so do some research and find one with lots of pockets.

Foot Muff/Sleeping bag

If you’ll be out and about in all kinds of weather conditions, a foot muff for your pram might be a welcome addition. This isn’t an essential, but if your child refuses to keep the blankets on, especially on those cold winter days, this will be worth every cent!


There are so many other accessories you’ll find yourself wondering whether you’ll actually use them at all. From cup holders, to umbrellas, skateboards for siblings, phone holders, there’s a lot! Good luck resisting them all.

What are your essentials for shopping for your pram?


Pregnancy Myths Decoded

Mayarya x Social and Style 5 (2)

Dress c/o Mayarya

About the author: 

Kamana is a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger @SocialandStyle. Kamana writes about all things related to fashion, fitness, travel, and her experience as a Mom-to-Be! Check out her latest blogpost at

I can’t believe I’m already 34 weeks pregnant! It feels like yesterday when I was in my first trimester, nervous about everything. Since then, I’ve learned to relax and enjoy my pregnancy. Now that I am in my last weeks, I’m reflecting on all that I’ve learned during these last 8 months. It’s amazing how much your body goes through and how you learn to trust and listen to your body (and growing baby!). It’s both mentally and physically exhausting, but truly a beautiful time. As I get closer to 40 weeks, I can feel the Baby’s movements more vividly every day. I wonder what it’s going to going to be like after pregnancy and that sets off a whole new feeling of nervousness! For now, I am trying to stay healthy and active as I finish the home stretch. Through out my pregnancy, I’ve received a lot of questions from what I am craving to where to find fashionable maternity wear. I’m sharing the realities of pregnancy in my Pregnancy Myths Decoded today! Pregnancy Myths Decoded

  • Cravings:  The question everyone asks is, “What are you craving”?! It’s funny because I was actually looking forward to finding out what odd cravings I would have. Personally, I haven’t really had many cravings (so boring I know). Sometimes I do find myself fixated on a certain type of food like quesadillas, falafel, and in the beginning Kimchi flavored fries!

  • All You Can Eat:  Unfortunately this is not true. Honestly, you have to watch your diet more when you are pregnant. Sugar, fats, and protein have to be thought through with each meal. While I would love to eat sweets and desserts, gestational diabetes is very much a reality that I am trying to avoid. In these last few weeks, I have been eating way more than I have in my first and second trimester. I’m not too worried about the extra pounds as long as the baby is healthy.

  • Fitness: There are so many misconceptions about working out during pregnancy. I wrote about my fitness routine trimester by trimester. To this day, I still get messages from people saying I should take it easy during pregnancy and not work out. Discussing my workouts with my OB helps me decide how much I should be working out while making sure the baby’s health is top priority.

  • Body: Every woman’s pregnancy is unique. What and how you feel changes so much day-to-day. There are some days where I’ve never felt better and others when a 5 minute walk feels like a mile. As a blogger, you tend to focus more on how you look in photos. At times, it was tough to see my swollen ankles and cheeks in pictures. Then I quickly put things in perspective. My hair has never been fuller, my skin has a natural glow, and all my fine lines went away with the extra weight gain!

  • Emotional: Yup. Pregnancy is full of emotions. From the joy of seeing your little one on the ultrasound for the first time to cry sessions that pop up out of nowhere, your hormones can take you on quite the roller coaster. Thankfully most of my tear sessions happen with Hubs.

  • The Hubs: Your relationship with your husband goes through a lot during pregnancy. As we both prepare to become parents, we also learn to rely more on each other. Since my husband travels a lot (90% of the time) we make the most of the time we have together by getting ready for Baby B’s arrival and spending time with each other. Our 4-week parenting class helped make life with a baby more real. We both learned everything from what delivery will be like to how to soothe a crying baby. They also taught the husbands how to massage their pregnant wives, which has helped my achy back, feet, and arms!

  • Bump Style: One of the biggest myths in pregnancy is that maternity wear has to be boring! Thankfully I’ve found comfortable and fashionable maternity wear. I love the chic and affordable styles from Mayarya. This fuchsia dress is one of my favorites. I’ve worn it so many times with a jean jacket, blazer, and on it’s own!

  • Mayarya x Social and Style 3

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.39.24 PM

Mayarya x Social and Style 3

Wool Benefits for your Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Experience


Anne from the Wool Life gives her perspective on wool benefits for breastfeeding and pregnancy… 

About the author:  Anne is mama to a toddler boy and expecting her second baby in the fall. When her son was a baby, she found it difficult to find reviews and personal life experiences on the products she needed. Her goal is to educate and to help other families make the best decisions about wool & natural products so they can spend more time with their family and less time doing research. You can check her blog here (

There is unlike any other time in a woman’s life when her body undergoes such drastic changes as during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The same hormones responsible for nourishing a new life inside and out are also responsible for sweating, restless sleep, skin irritations and more. One simple and sustainable fabric, wool, may help relieve some of these pregnancy and breastfeeding woes. Let me explain…


  • Wool regulates temperature and can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet. Once wet it draws dampness away from the body and also dries quickly. Wool bedding has been proven to provide better and deeper sleep through its ability to regulate body temperature. I have yet to meet an expectant mother or nursing mother who feels like she couldn’t use more sleep. Why not maximize the quality of sleep you have?

  • It is naturally anti-microbial which means it resists odor. It also contains lanolin and keratin, both of which have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Whether you are pregnant during the hot summer or dealing with postpartum hormones, wearing wool can help keep you cool, dry, and odor free. It also makes an effective nursing pad for all of the same reasons.


  • Wool fibers are naturally elastic due to its coiled springs and return to their original state when the tension on them is released. The elasticity and durability of wool make it easy for the fabric to transition from belly bump to postpartum while still maintaining its shape.

  • Superfine merino wool is non-irritating and will help prevent chafing. Perfect for a growing belly and other body parts that may be sensitive and itchy.


And if all of that isn’t enough to convince you to give wool a try, it is a sustainable, renewable, long-lasting, all-season fabric. Unsure of what products to try? Follow me to see the latest reviews.



Your ultimate hospital checklist

So your 9 months is almost up and while you may not be able to prepare for what exactly will happen in that delivery suite, one thing you can prepare is your hospital bag. The most important word to remember when packing is ‘comfort’. For your hospital stay, we highly recommend packing the following;

  • Nightie: one with easy access for feeding, we recommend our BUTTERFLY PADDED MATERNITY & NURSING CHEMISEit’s flattering, comfortable and also very practical. This is also a fantastic piece you can wear during pregnancy too.


  • Dressing gown: again, allows for easy access for feeding if required and is the perfect thing to throw on when unexpected guests arrive. The LACE MATERNITY & NURSING ROBE is our go-to.


  • Slippers & warm socks: these are a necessity for those cold hospital floors

  • VERY comfortable undies: a few pairs for hospital and home


organic-cotton-built-in-bra-nursing-top (1)

  • Maternity bras: maternity bras don’t have to be ugly, there are some beautiful and extremely comfortable nursing bras and we have a lot to choose from (Link to page)


mayarya-by-amoralia-exclusive-cupcake-nursing-bra (1)

  • Maternity Pads: some hospitals may provide you with these during your stay, but it’s a good idea to be stocked up, as you’ll need a few packs once you return from hospital.

  • Breast pads: an essential once your milk comes in. New mum tip – try a few different brands, as some vary in size and not all stick in place like they should, there are disposable and reusable options available too.\

  • Comfortable Lounge Pants: nothing too tight, you may be a little sore, our FOLD OVER LOUNGE MATERNITY PANTS are the perfect addition to your new mum wardrobe.


  • Hair ties, bobby pins and a headband: styling your hair will be the last thing on your mind.

  • Very comfortable and loose fitting shoes: thongs/flip flops are a great option for going home in. New mum tip: once your milk comes in, you will find your feet swell up like you won’t believe, trust us on this one, the bigger fitting, the better.

  • Camera + Charger/Phone Charger: there will be a lot of photos. A lot.

  • Something to go home in: don’t forget to throw in a comfy dress/outfit in your bag too, by the time you’re ready to go home, you may be up for a few more photos with baby.



What to pack for your new roommate:

  • 3-4 long sleeve zip grow-suits in size 0000 (or 00000 if your baby is a little smaller). New mum tip – find ones that have built in feet and allow their hands to be covered if needed, as some hospitals can be chilly.

  • 3-4 singlets or bodysuits in size 0000

  • 1 dressy take-home outfit in size 0000

  • 3 newborn beanies

  • 1 set of newborn mittens

  • 3 pairs of newborn booties or socks

  • 1 blanket

  • 2 wraps

  • 1 newborn towel

  • Newborn nappies and fragrance-free wipes: some hospitals will provide you with nappies and wipes, so check what your hospital offers

New mum tip: aim to have your bag packed at around 36 weeks and even put it in your car, so it’s one less thing to worry about. What is the number one item in your hospital bag?


The top 6 things you’ll find yourself repeating once you become a Mum

So you’re a new Mum on the block, or a Mum-to-be, with a bundle of joy that’s certainly going to change your life. While you’ll never exactly know what the future will bring with this mini human, here are six things you may find yourself saying in the first six months of motherhood…


  • “Why won’t you go to sleep????!!!!”

Remember those days when you would sleep for what felt like forever, while bragging, “I just slept like a baby!’ Well I have two things to say about that and you’re not going to like them:

  1. You will NEVER sleep like that again.

  2. That’s NOT how babies sleep!!!!

These cute and innocent little creatures DO NOT SLEEP. I am so sorry to be the one to tell you. You may witness their epic yawns and begin to rub your hands together thinking you’re onto a winner here. Hey, I like your positivity, but if your baby is like most of the others I have met, you will be two hours in, and those eyes still won’t have closed. Trust me, they will sleep. Maybe not exactly when you need, but eventually they WILL give in, fingers crossed Mumma

  • Don’t eat that!”

Teething. Ah, what a blissful time. A big part of this stage includes eating absolutely everything in sight. Babies like to think that their play mat/pen/box is their territory and anything in that territory, they can legally eat. You won’t believe the things they actually attempt to consume. There’s an apparent gold mine under our couch. Let’s hope your child has better taste than mine

  • Why doesn’t this toy have a volume button?!”

Toy makers must hate parents. Why else would they create these musical toys, with the world’s most annoying songs that are so catchy, you find yourself singing them in your sleep (that is when you do get some sleep). And why else would they design such a toy, minus the all important volume button?!

I’m looking at you Fisher-Price.

  • 2
  • “I had an ‘adult’ fantasy about Jimmy Giggle”

Once that TV is tuned to ‘ABC Kids’, there’s no turning back. Your child will most likely be mesmerised by the wide range of viewing pleasures on offer. And thankfully the masterminds over at ABC have put a little viewing pleasure in for all the mums (and some dads) too. Jimmy Giggle; the real life dreamboat on ‘Giggle and Hoot’ can make your days that little bit sweeter (and perhaps a few dreams here and there too)

  • “I’m sooo tired”

See point above ‘babies do not sleep’, which means neither do you Mumma. Prepare to embrace those dark circles under your eyes and submit to the Walking Dead zombie shuffle as if the needle just dropped on Thriller.

There will be times where you actually think you are asleep while parading the supermarket aisles. But most of all, prepare yourself for the ultimate ‘compliment’ from any adult you cross paths with, the “gee, you look tired” comment. Ah thanks stranger. I’ve had about six hours of sleep in TOTAL the last five days…this is my face now.

  • 1“NO!”

I’ve said the word ‘no’ to my son that many times, I’m pretty sure he thinks that’s his name. And the more I say it, the more he selectively choses not to listen. Sounds a little like his Dad actually. They’re like two peas in a pod those two.

What have you found yourself repeating to your children?


Dear Moms-to-Be: Here is why you should swim

4ee00ca1b65395e037d1783e90c87d4aAh, sweet summer, you’ve arrived :)   With summer heat in its full force and the holidays right around the corner,  what’s better thing to do than to put on your bikinis and jump in the pool. But… we now have…. this big baby bump?   Relax. We got you. Styling and moving while you are pregnant are no easy feat.   When you are carrying 30 extra pounds in your belly, the last thing you may want to do is to move but don’t give up on swimming. Research suggests that swimming is indeed the safest form of exercise for expectant moms and it gives you a plethora of benefits.   Here we’ve compiled for you 4 benefits of swimming while you are pregnant:   fe0e0c8935b2f9a5b3ead0d062c361c3

  • It’ll relieve your ankle and feet swelling

  Carrying around extra pounds is physically demanding and it is common to experience swelling and pain in the ankle and foot. But in the pool (thank water for defeating gravity!), you will weigh only a tenth in the water of what you weigh on the land so it will put less stress on your feet, joints and ligaments than exercising on land, and you will be able to float and move around easily. How awesome! Additionally, swimming improves the venous blood flow so it will reduce swelling in your ankle and feet.   tie-neck-maternity-tankini-set-light-blue

  • It’ll reduce your blood pressure

  With the brimming social calendars, everlasting daily grind and higher pump of emotional hormones during pregnancy, we know it is really easy to get stressed and to experience higher blood pressure. According to US National Institute of Health, 8% of pregnant women will experience high blood pressure and 70% of those are pregnant for the first time. High blood pressure could cause problems for both you and your baby, including premature birth, low birthweight and placental abruption so better to prevent it as much as you can.   Swimming reduces blood pressure because the body produces hormone cortisol while swimming and it calms your emotion and relaxes your muscles. In addition, the weightlessness feeling and the cool characteristic of water would comfort and cool you down especially in this summer heat.   20170420-Maryarya-0008 copy

  • It’ll alleviate your back pain and build better posture

  You are not alone. More than ⅔ of pregnant women experiences lower back pain. As your baby grows in the uterus, your body will shift its midpoint of gravity. This shifting weakens your abdominal muscles and changes your posture by putting additional strain on your back which causes back pain.   Swimming reduces the back pain because the water would support you and your baby weight so you’ll experience less pain in your abdominal part. In addition, swimming gently strengthens all your muscle groups so it would help negate the effect of the extra weight pressed onto your lower back and the shifting of your body center.   Mayarya tips: Start swimming earlier in your pregnancy so by the time you reach your third trimester and have to carry 30 extra pounds in your belly, your muscles are trained.   18644920_389535081440521_439029873369939968_n (1)

  • It’ll smoothen your labor and delivery experience

  We feel you. The thought of delivering baby feels so painful and scary. The cramps, the pressure, the sweat, the blood, and the countless contractions, I can imagine no more. But it should not be as hard if we are physically and mentally prepared.   Swimming can physically help alleviate the pain of the delivery process especially if you plan on giving birth naturally. Delivering baby takes endurance and regular swimming improves endurance because it is building and shaping your muscles, also keeping your cardiovascular system fit. It’ll also boost your lung function and increase the oxygen level in your blood circulation so you won’t easily feel out of breathe when you push the baby. A study also found that those who keep fit during pregnancy experience active labor for 4 hours and 24 minutes while those who don’t experience active labor for 6 hours and 22 minutes. Keeping yourself fit does make a difference!   360ccbb115a5048553d7cdb366ecaebb So, what else to wait? Let’s beat the heat & jump in the pool! Sources: